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Christopher Bennett, Sr.

CEO Enrolled Agent | Nashville Tax Solution

Who we Are

Meet the driving force behind Nashville Tax Solutions

Enrolled Agent Christopher Bennett, Sr., a seasoned professional with a diverse background and a strong commitment to resolving tax challenges. In 2015, he took a significant step in his career by becoming an Enrolled Agent, empowering him to represent taxpayers before the IRS and most state governments.

Now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nashville Tax Solutions (Palm Bay, Florida), his firm extends its services nationwide. Nashville Tax Solutions focuses on making clients tax-compliant and working out a resolution for every IRS tax problem.

Nashville Tax Solutions ensures:

IRS Tax Resolution Cases Resolved
0 +
Average Annual Tax Returns Filed
0 +
Total Tax Penalties Saved for Clients
$ 0 M
No. of Individual Clients & Businesses Served
0 +

Cities and States Served

Palm Bay, FL

Nashville, TN

Denver, CO

Sebastian, FL

Los Angeles, CA

Broomfield, CO

San Antonio, TX

Awards and Notable Achievements

Our Partners

IRS Tax Relief

Avail our Services: Know What we Offer

IRS Tax Audit

We guide you through IRS tax audits with care. Our team reviews your records, provides clear advice, and represents your case to ensure a smooth process

IRS Tax Lien

Facing an IRS tax lien can be daunting. We work to negotiate with the IRS for you, exploring options to resolve the lien while focusing on

Offer in Compromise

We assist in negotiating an Offer in Compromise with the IRS. This approach aims to settle your back taxes for less than the full amount, based

Payment Plan with IRS

Our team specializes in structuring manageable IRS payment plans (installment agreements) that align IRS Payment Plans Break Free from Your Tax Burden Today! Feeling overwhelmed by

Passport Revocation

Travel plans shouldn’t be grounded by tax disputes. Our experts intervene in cases of passport revocation due to tax issues, negotiating resolutions and advocating for the

Innocent Spouse Relief

Are you unfairly burdened with tax responsibilities that aren’t yours? Nashville Tax Solutions, with over 20 years of experience, is here to assist. Innocent Spouse Relief

Why choose us?

Choosing us means opting for a team that combines experience with efficiency to resolve your tax issues. Our key strengths include:

Deep Experience

Our tax professionals boast 20+ years in the Tax Resolution industry, offering seasoned expertise to everyone.
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Focused on Minimizing Your Liability

We are committed to ensuring that you pay the minimum amount legally possible, saving you money and stress.
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Proven Track Record

Our history of successful resolutions speaks to our ability to handle a wide range of tax issues effectively.
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Personalized Attention

We understand that every tax situation is unique, and we tailor our approach to fit your specific needs.
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Commitment to Excellence

Our team ensures efficient and effective resolution of your tax matters with the highest standard of service.

Tax Preparation Services

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Business Advisory Services

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Other Services

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Our Process

How we Address Your Situation?

Discovery Call

 We start by conversing with you to fully understand your tax situation. This step is about listening to your concerns and getting the information we need.


Initial Assessment

Our team carefully looks over your tax details. We check all your documents and information to figure out the best way to help you.


Strategic Planning

From what we learn in the assessment, we create a plan just for you. This plan aims to tackle your tax problems in the most effective way while looking out for your interests.



This is where we gradually put our plan into action. This means we take care of all the paperwork, file as needed, and talk to tax authorities for you, making sure every detail is addressed correctly.



Our foremost goal is to sort out your tax problems in a way that reduces what you owe and keeps you in line with tax laws. We work hard to find a solution that gives you the peace of mind you deserve.



We don’t just stop once your tax issues are resolved. We keep supporting you afterward, offering advice to keep you on track with your taxes and avoid future problems. We're here to help you stay financially stable moving forward.


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Our tax experts, with over 20 years of experience, are ready to ensure you pay the least amount legally possible. Nashville Tax Solutions has the expertise you need for a prompt and effective tax resolution.

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