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Are you unfairly burdened with tax responsibilities that aren’t yours? Nashville Tax Solutions, with over 20 years of experience, is here to assist.
Innocent Spouse Relief

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Are you unfairly burdened with tax responsibilities that aren't yours? Nashville Tax Solutions, with over 20 years of experience, is here to assist. Don't delay; seek Innocent Spouse Relief now and alleviate the unjust tax burdens holding you back. Our experienced team is ready to support you through this process with expertise and precision.
Understanding Innocent Spouse Relief

What is it and how to resolve it?

Innocent spouse relief can offer relief from extra tax payments if your spouse inaccurately reported taxes on your joint return without your knowledge. This relief applies explicitly to taxes on your spouse's earnings from their job or business.

To qualify, you must prove that when you signed the joint return, you did not know, and had no reason to know, that there was an understatement of tax. Additionally, under all circumstances, it must be unfair to hold you liable for the understatement of tax.

There are three types of relief under this provision:

Are you burdened with unfair tax issues?

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Assessment of Your Case

We start by thoroughly assessing your situation to determine your eligibility for Innocent Spouse Relief, reviewing relevant tax returns and the context of their filing.

Expert Guidance on IRS Rules

Our team, knowledgeable in IRS rules, offers expert advice to fit your case, ensuring the best approach for your Innocent Spouse Relief claim.

Documentation and Evidence Gathering

We assist in gathering and arranging all necessary documentation and evidence to substantiate your claim, demonstrating your lack of awareness of any tax understatement.

Representation and Advocacy

If needed, we represent you in dealings with the IRS, advocating to ensure your case receives the attention and fairness it deserves.

Ongoing Support and Communication

We keep you informed and involved throughout the process. We provide regular updates on the status of your case and are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Resolution and Follow-up

Once the IRS makes a decision, we assist with any necessary follow-up actions. If the relief is granted, we will ensure the proper adjustments are made to your tax records. If the claim is denied, we explore other options or potential appeals.

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Proven Expertise

With 20+ years of experience, Nashville Tax Solutions has a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding Innocent Spouse Relief.

Comprehensive Support

From initial assessment to final resolution, we offer end-to-end assistance. Our support includes everything from filing claims to gathering evidence and representing you in dealings with the IRS.

Personalized Approach

We recognize that each case is unique. Our team provides individualized attention, ensuring that solutions are tailored specifically to your situation.

Empathetic Understanding

We understand the emotional and financial stress associated with tax issues. Our team approaches every case with sensitivity and respect, ensuring you feel heard and supported throughout the process.

Results-Driven Strategy

At Nashville Tax Solutions, we focus on achieving the best possible outcome for you. We use strategic planning and our in-depth knowledge of IRS procedures to advocate effectively on your behalf.
“We understand the weight of unfair tax burdens, especially when you’re not at fault. At Nashville Tax Solutions, our mission is to bring the right help to individuals facing situations like Innocent Spouse Relief. With over 20 years of experience, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you receive the support and relief you deserve.”

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Our Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

The IRS recognizes four types of Innocent Spouse Relief:


  • Traditional: For errors made by your spouse.
  • Separation of Liability: Split the tax owed.
  • Equitable Relief: If the first two don't apply it's still unfair.
  • Relief by Separation of Liability: Special for community property states.

The IRS Innocent Spouse Rule allows a spouse to be relieved of responsibility for paying tax, interest, and penalties if their spouse or former spouse incorrectly reported or omitted items on their joint tax return.

To qualify, 

  • Joint Tax Return: You must have filed a joint tax return with your spouse for the year in question.
  • Tax Understatement: There must be an understatement of tax liability on the return, typically due to errors or omissions.
  • Lack of Knowledge: You must not have known, or had reason to know, about the errors or omissions on the return.

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Any individual who filed a joint tax return and believes that holding them responsible for the understatement of tax would be unfair can file for Innocent Spouse Relief.

To file for Innocent Spouse Relief, you must complete and submit IRS Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief. You should file this form as you become aware of a tax liability for which you believe only your spouse or former spouse should be held responsible. Still confused? Get in touch with experts who can help you file and get the relief you deserve.