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Tax Resolution Services

IRS Tax Audit

We guide you through IRS tax audits with care. Our team reviews your records, provides clear advice, and represents your case to ensure a smooth

IRS Tax Lien

Facing an IRS tax lien can be daunting. We work to negotiate with the IRS for you, exploring options to resolve the lien while focusing

Offer in Compromise

We assist in negotiating an Offer in Compromise with the IRS. This approach aims to settle your back taxes for less than the full amount,

Payment Plan with IRS

Our team specializes in structuring manageable IRS payment plans (installment agreements) that align IRS Payment Plans Break Free from Your Tax Burden Today! Feeling overwhelmed

Passport Revocation

Travel plans shouldn’t be grounded by tax disputes. Our experts intervene in cases of passport revocation due to tax issues, negotiating resolutions and advocating for

Innocent Spouse Relief

Are you unfairly burdened with tax responsibilities that aren’t yours? Nashville Tax Solutions, with over 20 years of experience, is here to assist. Innocent Spouse

Back Taxes

Facing back taxes can be overwhelming, but delaying action only worsens the situation. At Nashville Tax Solutions, we can help you resolve back taxes, avoiding

Hardship Tax Relief

Overwhelmed by financial difficulties? Tax relief in times of hardship can be a lifeline. At Nashville Tax Solutions, get personalized, compassionate guidance, helping you navigate